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Exotic Animals Treated at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital

When you think of a family pet, chances are you imagine a dog or cat. However, family pets come in all shapes and sizes, including exotic animals. Exotic animals need Read More

Lameness in Horses

Are you an equestrian with a horse? Owning a horse comes with a lot of responsibility, including taking care of the animal’s health needs. Horse lameness is a medical condition Read More

Pet Dental Care

One of the most common issues that go unnoticed in pets is dental disease. Ignored dental disease in pets can lead to tooth loss, bone erosion, and severe pain. Pets Read More

Common Pet Problems

Pet problems come in many forms. Some are behavioral problems and others are health issues. Pets can suffer from both and when your pet suffers, you suffer along with it. Read More

Pet Eye Infections

Recognizing and Treating Pet Eye Infections Pet eye infections are a common, but serious, problem. If you think your pet is suffering from any type of infection, it’s important to speak Read More

Foxtails & Summer Hazards

Your dog or cat will likely come into contact with natural but hazardous materials at least once in its life. Foxtail barbs, cheatgrass barbs, stagnant water, and more pose a Read More

Flea & Tick Prevention

Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks Pets having fleas and ticks is ordinary, especially when they play outside a lot. However, the infestation of these parasites causes your pet Read More

Puppy & Kitten Care

Congratulations on welcoming a new member into your family! You and your new puppy or kitten will be very happy together. Begin your journey by making the health of your Read More

Dog Skin Problems

Dog Skin Problems Dogs are prone to contracting allergies, making them itchy and restless. The skin problems may also be an indication of an underlying health condition. Whether your pet’s skin Read More

Importance of Vaccines

The Importance of Vaccines Our pets look to us for comfort, play, love, and care. When it comes to the health of our pets, we must do all that we can Read More

What to Expect After Orthopedic Surgery for Your Pet

What to Expect after Orthopedic Surgery for Your Pet It’s important that you properly care for your animal after orthopedic pet surgery. Our veterinarian in Logan at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital will Read More

Common Pet Problems

Common Pet Problems When you think of pet problems, you may think of your cat getting into a fight with another animal or your dog becoming infested with fleas. Did you Read More

Viewing 1 - 12 out of 12 posts