Spay & Neuter

Spay & Neuter Surgery From Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital

At Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, we provide spay and neuter surgery for pets. The procedure is safe and only requires an overnight stay. Our veterinarian is skilled and companionate and is ready to help your pet!

spay and neuter

There are a lot of benefits to spay and neuter for pets that you may not be aware of including the following:

  • Reduce the population of homeless dogs and cats
  • Better physical health
  • Better behavior
  • Longer/healthier life for females. If you have your female spayed before the first time, she goes into heat the healthier she will be – Many females develop health conditions such as breast tumors which in cats are about 90% cancerous and dogs 50% cancerous according to the ASPCA.
  • Prevent them from urinating (marking their territory) all over your home
  • Help prevent male dogs and cats from wandering away from home

Having your pet spayed or neutered is not as expensive as it used to be, and it is a lot cheaper than raising a litter of pups or kittens.

What Age to Spay & Neuter Your Pet

Cats - Most times when you adopt a kitten they are “fixed” and given all their shots before you can take them home. If you got your kitten from a pet store or a friend etc. it is usually deemed safe for kittens who are three to four months old to be spayed or neutered.

Dogs – Puppies are not generally spayed or neutered until they are at least six to nine months old, it is not uncommon to wait until the dog is an adult either as long as they do not wander away from home and they are well behaved and nonaggressive dogs towards other animals and humans. Although, older dogs are prone to more surgical and post-operative complications.

Caring for Your Pet Before & After the Surgical Procedure

You will receive pre-op instructions for your pet that will include not giving your older cat or dog food after 10:00 pm the day of the procedure. Although, it is up to the veterinarian your pet’s overall health will be a deciding factor.

After the surgical procedure, your pet may have to spend the night to be observed especially if there were any complications. Pain medications may be prescribed. A comfortable place for your pet to recovery will be needed. Your pet may scratch or lick the area. You can distract them with treats. No jumping, running or rough housing up to two weeks after the surgery and no baths.

If you notice a discharge, redness, or swelling, call your vet as an infection may be developing. You will be provided with a complete list of how to care for your pet and what to look for if a problem arises.

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If you decide to proceed with a spay and neuter procedure, contact our friendly staff at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital in Logan and set up an appointment with our veterinarian.