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Equine Performance Dentistry

A horse's mouth and teeth go through lots of changes as they age, undergo training, and eat different types of food. A horse’s teeth also grow to compensate for normal wear and tear. The traditional method of taking care of hooks and waves in a horse's dentition is known as floating, but this technique isn't nuanced and cannot always correct chronic dental issues. At Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, Utah, our veterinarian offers equine dentistry to keep your horse's mouth healthy and comfortable at all times.


Importance of Equine Dentistry

A horse has a limited range of motion when it comes to its upper jaw movement. Their jaws move side-to-side as they chew their food into small enough pieces for swallowing and digestion. Over time, this pattern combined with the consumption of roughage can result in a molar formation that looks like a wave and molar hooks that can cause sores. Horse dentistry serves to resolve these formations and allow horses to eat comfortably.

Riding disciplines can also cause a horse to grind its teeth in response to being asked for collection or self-balance through the bit. A poorly fitting bit can cause dental issues that can't be resolved by using a better fitting bit. Horse dentistry can address these issues and improve the horse’s comfort levels.

What does Horse Dentistry Involve?

A horse should get receive equine dental care on an annual basis. Some horses may need more frequent care depending on what our veterinarian finds during an exam. It is also worth noting that horses as young as one year should get their teeth looked at by a veterinarian to keep an eye on the growth of baby teeth.

An equine dental cleaning requires the use of a dental speculum, power tools, and medication. Our veterinarian will sedate your horse to keep everyone safe during the procedure before placing a speculum into the horse's mouth. Once the horse is properly positioned, our veterinarian examines the horse's mouth, decides on a course of action, and uses a floating tool to address the conditions present in the horse's mouth. Once the teeth are smoothed out, the horse is allowed to recover from the procedure and resume its life. 

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