Weight Loss for Overweight Pets

Helping your pet maintain a proper weight is vital in keeping it healthy. While it may seem difficult to resist giving your pet extra treats, creating a diet plan for your pet is simple. At Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, UT, our team can help your pet maintain a healthy weight. We offer the services of professional, certified, and highly experienced veterinarians. They are supported by a team of technicians, assistants, and administrative staff. We are passionate about providing the best veterinary care.


Managing Your Pet’s Weight

An overweight pet can develop serious health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular issues, behavioral issues, joint problems, and more. If you notice that your pet has become overweight, visit us as soon as possible so we can start a weight loss program for your pet. It is also important for us to perform a health checkup of your pet to ensure its weight gain not being caused by any other underlying health condition.  

Helping your pet lose weight is similar to weight loss in humans. Our veterinary team will create a net calorie deficit to allow your pet to lose weight. Ideally, this weight loss is achieved with a combination of diet and exercise. Exercise can assist in weight loss and has several benefits to the cardiovascular system and mental health, but it has to be combined with a diet plan to achieve weight loss goals for your pet.

Our veterinarians can design a full weight loss program for your pet. This may include cutting out treats or other additions to your pet’s diet. It is still important to keep up with all the essential nutrition for your pet during a restricted diet.

If you have a severely overweight pet, you have to be careful in starting an exercise program, as the extra weight can result in injuries. Any injury to a pet will pose a greater challenge to losing weight. It is important to start any exercise program only after consulting with our veterinarians, who have experience in pet weight loss.  

Our vets might also recommend certain supplements to help your pet lose weight. Keep in mind that supplements are only meant to support a healthy diet and exercise plan. You should not rely only on supplements to help your pet lose weight.

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If your pet is starting to gain weight and you need assistance with a weight loss program, our veterinarians can help. At Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, UT, we will help your pets live happy, healthy lives. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.