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Dermatology Services at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital

We offer a full range of veterinary services at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital including dermatology. We are located in Logan, UT, and also serve nearby locations. We are proud to have been serving the Logan and Cache valley since 1949. We are committed to providing high-quality service and care to your pet. We meet all the required standards and have been part of the American Animal Hospital Association for over three decades.

Skin issues for pets are sometimes neglected as the symptoms might not seem serious to the pet owner. However, we highly recommend that you have a regular checkup for your pet with an experienced vet to make sure your pet’s skin issues get the attention they deserve. Our veterinarian will examine your pet’s skin before creating a treatment plan to address any dermatology needs.


Skin Irritation

There are several causes of skin irritation for pets. It could be an allergic reaction to a food, product, or environment. Skin irritation might also be the result of an insect bite or a disease. One of our experienced veterinarians will be able to diagnose the skin irritation issue after examination of the skin. They can prescribe a treatment and guide you on how to avoid such issues in the future.

Hair Loss

Mild hair loss is not a major issue on its own. However, hair loss could signal underlying skin conditions that must be treated. Our veterinarian will analyze the pattern of hair loss and to determine the cause of hair loss before providing treatment if necessary.


If you notice that your pet has developed a rash, you must take the pet for a checkup. Similar to other skin conditions, there could be many reasons for a rash ranging from environmental conditions to injuries. Our veterinarian will prescribe short and long-term treatment. Short-term treatment is important as many pets tend to scratch the rash and make it worse. Long-term treatment is important to cure any underlying health condition or other dermatology issues.


Different types of pets have different types of allergies. We will conduct a comprehensive examination of your pet to determine what he or she is allergic to. Our veterinarian will also tell you about common allergens and how to avoid them.

Pet Dermatology

At Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital, we have provided pet dermatology services to residents of Logan, UT, and the surrounding areas for many years. For more information about pet dermatology or to schedule an appointment, call us at (435) 752-2151.