Ear Infections

Ear infections can cause your cat or dog discomfort and prevent him or her from being active. At Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, Utah, we provide various treatments to alleviate any pain your pet may be experiencing and improve its health. Before scheduling your appointment, learn about some symptoms of ear infections in pets below:

Ear Infections

Symptoms of Ear Infections

Pets with ear infections may display physical and behavioral symptoms. Physical symptoms include red ears, bleeding ears, and odor inside the ear. Ear infections can cause your pets pain, so they may tilt or shake their head often. If your cat or dog is itchy, he or she may scratch the regions around its ears. It’s also important to remember that dogs that shake their heads excessively can develop an aural hematoma or broken blood vessels in the ear flap that require veterinary intervention.

Diagnosing Ear Infections

Ear infections can occur from various factors and treating the cause requires an accurate diagnosis. One reason dogs get ear infections is that their ear canal has an L-shaped turn that may cause debris to become trapped. The first step in diagnosing an ear infection is viewing the inner ear with an otoscope, which can check for infections or polyps. Two other common steps in the diagnosis are checking to ensure the eardrum is intact and taking a sample of the material in the ear canal. Our veterinarians will examine the material microscopically to determine the reason for the infection. Due to pet discomfort, it may be necessary to sedate your pet to perform the examination.

Treatment for Ear Infections

Treating an ear infection begins with clearing physical blockages that may exist. Surgical procedures for ruptured eardrums and other injuries may be required. However, in most cases, topical and oral medications can help treat ear infections. Our vets can prescribe medicated eye drops or antibacterial and antifungal oral medications. In addition, regular grooming and ear cleaning are essential for avoiding ear infections, especially among certain breeds and dogs that spend time in the water.

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