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Spaying and neutering your pet is one of the best favors that you can do for them. There are many benefits that come with spaying and neutering and we're here to educate the community about them. The procedure is safe and effective.

Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital can help you with your spay & neuter needs if your pet has not received them. Let's go over some important information on spaying and neutering your pet and why you need to get it taken care of sooner or later.


Why Should I Spay & Neuter My Pet?

One of the biggest reasons that you should spay and neuter your pet is population control. There are more homeless animals in the United States than there has ever been before. This means that domestic pets without homes are roaming the streets and the countryside. They are then overpopulating the areas and causing a disruption to the natural ecosystem. They are also homeless and cannot receive food and shelter since there are not enough resources to go around. 

Though your pet may be safe and secure inside your home, there is always the chance that they can end up getting loose and reproducing with a stray on the street. This can cause serious strain for the environment and for yourself. The best course of action that you can follow is to simply spay and neuter your pet whenever they are of age. 

When Should I Spay & Neuter My Pet?

It is recommended that you spay and neuter your puppy as early as possible. It is possible to get them spayed or neutered around four months old. Young kittens are around the same age at five months old. Though cats and dogs are biologically different, they reach sexual maturity around the same time. Your veterinarian will be able to consult with you on when you should get your spay & neuter services depending on your pet's condition or situation. If you have any questions about the procedure, our veterinarian will be more than happy to help you get the right answers. Your veterinarian is here to ensure your pet receives high-quality services.

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Is it time that you get your pets spayed and neutered? Your local veterinarian here at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, UT will be able to assist you when you need these services done. Our veterinarian office has committed to helping the community and will continue to do so no matter the situation. Give us a call at (435) 752-2151 to schedule your appointment with us and we will be available to give your pet professional spay & neuter services whenever they need it. 

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