Spring is almost here!

As the snow changes to rain, we are all getting the feeling that Spring is almost here!  For many this means a dramatic increase in activity as we transition from the sedentary indoor lifestyle to an active outdoor one.  This also spells changes for our pets.  From exploring our yards, to trips to the park or even strenuous running or hiking in the mountains.  For dogs, like people, this can be an uncomfortable time as we get back into shape.  As you plan your springtime activities remember that the soreness you feel may be doubled or tripled in your four-legged friend, whose nose takes him or her 2- 3 times as far on that hike or as they run beside the bike or ATV.  Work up to the strenuous activities to prevent pad blisters or muscle strain.  Early moderation in your activities will prevent or minimize many injuries. This is especially important in young large breed dogs.  As their bones mature they are susceptible to malformation (dysplasia) when exercised excessively.  If you do notice soreness or lameness after exercise remember that the medications people take for sore muscles should not be given to your pets.  Ice, massage and rest are ok but OTC medications can do far more harm than good in our pets.

We live in a beautiful place! Have fun together as you enjoy all that Springtime has to offer!

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