Microchipping: A Great Idea!

Pet Identification Microchips are very small (about the size of a grain of rice) transmitters that are placed beneath the skin near the shoulders. Microchips can be placed with minimal stress to your pet even while awake. Electronic scanners receive signals from the chip. A number is assigned to each chip and this number is obtained when the scanner is activated and passed over the animal. Early on, various companies wouldn’t share information with one another. This created a lack of enthusiasm, because if your chip wasn’t readable by another company’s scanner then having a chip was of limited value at best. These problems have all been resolved with chip frequency standardization. For several years now, information sharing has been the norm. Currently when a stray pet presents to our facility we can confidently scan them for a chip and return them to their family with minimal delay. We encourage the use of Microchips for the purpose of returning lost pets and for permanent identification. Microchips are recognized around the world as the standard for pet identification.

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